Animal Jam Hack for Membership and Diamonds [NEW] 2018

How to use Animal Jam hack:

  1. Start animal jam hack tool
  2. Enter your username
  3. Select amount of gems to generate
  4. Also select amount of diamonds to generate
  5. Select your membership

That’s it! Just click Confirm settings. Also to complete hack you need to solve captcha.


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Animal jam hack
Animal jam hack


Animal Jam Hack available for all platforms. It is a RPG is a game created to introduce young people to the world of animals. The game became a common development of WildWorks and National Geographic. It gave the idea of creating an interactive world in which it would be possible to wander, play different mini-games, see friends, look for items that will be needed in the promotion, as well as learn some new facts about wild animals. You don’t have to pay for the game. You can register in the browser from your PC, or download the mobile version to your smartphone. For owners of Android smartphones, it is worth noting that the game is not supported versions older than 4.1.


The game initially calls to believe in his “animal flair” to go on a journey through the world of Animal Jam. There are treasures, minigames, your house-den, which can be decorated, your friends, as well as new acquaintances, awards for success, as well as many other entertainment features. Choose your favorite beast-and go!

To create your pet, you need to use the graphics editor. There are a lot of tools in it. The editor allows you to choose the color scheme for your animal, dress as you like, decorate with different accessories, etc.

Animal Jam has two objectives: to create an interactive environment for its users so that it attracts them as long as possible, without burdening or disturbing, and to teach something new fun and at ease. Your hero-the beast is called the Jammer. When you travel the world of the game in his guise, you can communicate with the same as you, users who act as their animals. You can also invite them to play or explore new places.

The whole game combines one idea-to take you into the world of wildlife, so that all your discoveries, information will relate to this. To purchase items, you need specifically designed for this resource-pebbles-awards received for the passage of mini-games.

Features Of Animal Jam Hack:

Your hero – is your favorite animal. You choose animal jam hack from a General list of available animals. And you can select amount of diamonds and gems. Also Membership.
The game world is in 3D version, very beautiful, cartoony and bright. It is so nice to explore both children and adults.
Only in the world of mobile version on Android more than 1,000,000 installations. And in the browser even more users!
You can meet people from all over the world!
Information about animals is provided unobtrusively and interesting.
You can play mini-games to get a cash game cheats for resource.
For your little hack animals you can buy clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc.
Your house is a den that you need to rebuild and embellish.
Your animal is completely your unique creation.
Important: although the game is free to play, there is paid in-game content that will help you improve your pet faster.

Security and cheats

WildWorks developers made sure that parents don’t worry about their children playing the game. The online platform offers safe storage of personal information from children’s accounts. Also as well as full control by parents. And users who have not reached the age of twelve must grant permission from their parents.


Animal jam
Animal jam

In itself, Animal Jam is ideal for children – it is beautiful, sweet, bright. And at the same time allows them to spend time usefully, getting new information about the world.

However, you can play Animal Jam regardless of how old you are – it will be interesting in 10, and after 20.

In General, Animal Jam Hack – play Wild-game from National Geographic will be an interesting pastime for both children and their parents. The information component of the game contains a lot of fascinating information about the wild, and the game part will entice for many hours. The game is definitely worthy of attention!



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