Call of Duty Heroes Hack [CELERIUM, GOLD and OIL] 2018 Updated

Call of duty Heroes Hack



This is just a 3D RTS mobile-game produced by Activision having a ton of functions that are awesome.
It’s a genuine time technique (RTS) sport that works on Android.
You are helped by this sport in defining and customizing your foundation for an unbelievable struggles.
This leaves you with excellent enjoyment while that great enjoyment of requesting the military of elite troopers renowned characters and disastrous drones in the call of responsibility business.
You are able to educate your forces to master the opponents within this 3D battle strategy game. This game’s figures are completely manageable. When web connection can be obtained this sport is just performed.
It it is common among serious player and is an incredible sport.
This application has some unique functions so you may relate solely to your pals to perform with the sport.
This application must be bought and when mounted you’ll get drive communications telling concerning thrilling occasions which are included within the sport or the fresh items.
Benefit from the sport by making lethal alliance together with carrier and your buddy some in- game benefits also.
This game’s primary functions are as you are able to manage all of the characters, educate your military and release the Killstreaks like UAV strikes, treatment deals and helicopter gunner for hardship and a whole lot more fantastic features.


– Unlimited Celerium
– Gold
– Oil
– Unlock all Heroes
– Easy interface
– Support all devices


Hack instructions

call duty heroes hack example
call duty heroes hack screenshoot


1. Click button below to open hack tool.

2. Enter your username

3. Type amount of resources that you need.

4. Click “Generate”

5. Solve captcha. Just follow instructions. The process should take about one minute.

7. Restart game – requested resources should have been added.


button start hack


That’s it!

Game review

call duty heroes review

call duty heroes review

Call of Duty series is popular and successful on personal computers and consoles. Timid attempts to do something under a famous brand for mobile devices rolled out to applications companion, and Strike Team and Zombies once again proved the failure of iOS in the management plan. Activision did not give up and has recently launched in the App Store a new Call of Duty Heroes. Do not keep the intrigue and will immediately notify the main thing: this is another clone of Clash of Clans, similar to such projects as two drops of water.


A short training to destroy the enemy base famously demonstrates all the features of the game: there are many different types of units, heroes with special abilities original and nice graphics. At this stage, it becomes clear how Call of Duty Heroes secondary. Gritting his teeth, learning. Cleaned on site, we offer to rebuild their own base.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the developers of these games do not even think about creating something original in their through the cloned projects. Change the schedule, the cost of local resources (here it is gold, oil and gems), but the essence remains unchanged. Invented by Supercell, the concept is not only alive and well, but is still used in many new games. Call of Duty Heroes is no exception.


The construction of the buildings, again, requires real time. The same situation with improvements. The usual categories of buildings did not change: the mining, creating troops and defensive. Of course, there is the building that accommodates the troops before the attack, improving it allows you to use a larger number of units during the attack.

I think you know perfectly well that you can attack other players, and play local campaign. In battles there is absolutely no raisins. Again you need to destroy all buildings, and control over the troops no. The player selects only the landing point and the number of units to be sent into battle. After the victory, they in the best traditions of the genre disappear.


The only difference between Call of Duty Heroes, which, however, has already used some of the competitors are heroes. They should be familiar to fans of the series for other games Call of Duty, but also can seriously affect the course of battle. Each character has unique abilities, which you can still improve. Their heroic fighters on the battlefield can be led by the hand unlike other troops.

In addition to traditional resources, there is a unique, named the game Celerina. He spent on the acceleration of processes as well as the lack of conventional resources for construction or upgrade. It is impossible to extract it, but buy whatever you want. Also selenium the player receives for completing small tasks for the construction or improvement of something.


Given that over the mechanics of the game developers now don’t work, all their efforts are aimed at creating pretty pictures. Call of Duty Heroes is just such an example. The graphics are really good, and the camera floats freely, in obedience to the commands of the player. The picture is not ashamed even at maximum zoom, although passing through each other units are not otuchat, probably never. Sound and music also on the level. There is no localization.

It’s funny, but Call of Duty Heroes is almost highest rating in the App Store based on almost four thousand reviews. Probably high estimates put the game fans of the main series, for which the game was the first such strategy on mobile devices. Because if you have ever played Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Tiny Troopers: Alliance, Star Wars Commander, or, say, Plunder Pirates, then you know what will Call of Duty Heroes. However, to recommend or dissuade anyone from downloading new offspring Activision, I will not. You have been warned and that is enough.


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