Clash of lords 2 Hack [JEWELS, GOLD and SOULS] 2018

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Are you tired of being smashed like a bug by all the Clash of Lords 2 players who are either more experienced or have more resources and therefore more upgrades than you?
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Hack description

Clash of Lords 2 is a great game based on fighting other players online in an epic battle.
It’s also a continuation of the first part of the game which was a huge success on every mobile platform.
When Clash of Lords 2 hit the shelves (or the Android Market and iTunes charts actually) it was a bomb! Millions of people enjoy playing it every single day. But even on this pure diamond among other games there is scratch.
Sometimes you have to pay real money to get the premium resources. Without Jewels, Souls and Diamonds you will most likely never win an important fight which makes it a bit unfair for those who are either not that rich or not willing to spend their money on a videogame.
Make way for Clash of Lords 2 Cheats then fellas, because it is going to rock your socks off!



  • Limitless Gold for all your normal items buying needs
  • Pretty much unlimited amounts of Jewels for premium stuff
  • Souls loaded to the max in case you ever need a huge amount of those
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  • Intuitive, modern-looking design to make it easy and comfortable to use
  • Proxy support for redirection purposes as well as privacy protection
  • Multiple platform support
  • it works on Android, iPad, iPhone and more
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How to use hack tool

1. Start hack tool (button below)
2. Enter your username (password not required)
3. Select your platform
4. Specify the amounts of Jewels, Souls and Gold

5. Solve the captcha to successfully complete the hack (just follow the instructions)

Typically, the resources will be credited automatically to your account within 1-2 minutes.

Enter everything carefully and correctly the first time. Otherwise, the captcha will be sent to manual moderation. This is necessary to prevent the too frequent use of the hack.

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You can use the hack tool once a day. Enjoy it!



clash of lords review

Clash of Lords 2 free multiplayer mobile online game developed in the genre of strategy in real-time for Android, IOS. You have to gather strength to create an invincible army and be ready at any moment to engage in a dynamic battle.

The main aim of the game is to create a powerful Kingdom.


official website

Here you can get some information about the game, its features, and download and install the game on your mobile device.

Game features

The ability to control the military confrontation, to make the management of combat skills due to the real time. More control to bring more opportunities.
To form an invincible team to hire heroes and mercenaries.
A large number of heroes with unique abilities and skills. To form a team according to your taste.
For non-stop games there are four combat modes. Legend Clash of Lords 2 can be developing in the League lords, raids for resources, arenas and the single player campaign.
The possibility of combining in the Guild.
The presence of rewards for daily visits to the game.


This project can be described as a fine representative of the genre of strategy in real time. Here you can take control of any type of character. There were here and without the possibility of independent management of the whole city. You will not only deal with the construction of their own city, but also to protect it from attacks of other players.

Game overview

Your game should start with the choice of character that you and go through the entire game, overcoming obstacles. Constantly developing a character, group of characters a strong army together and conquer the game world.

During the passage you need to create a fighting force that can turn into a mighty army. Build your city, you have to defend it from the encroachments of other participants in the gaming process, because the extension of the state need to conquer new territory.

The developers have provided the possibility of independent control of combat abilities and skills of his army. Join friends for the game the Guild together and take part in the mass struggles in which victory will bring a lot of useful prizes. Also, don’t forget to improve the League overlords.

The choice of the hero

Heroes Clash of Lords 2. The game has more than three dozen characters. They consist of four grades: normal, good, rare and epic. Each character has different key skills, unique in its kind. During the confrontation you can manage the basic skill of your character.

Improve basic skills with the help of the rings and the more you raise, the stronger becomes the hero. Also, the heroes are endowed with a certain set of passive skills which can change during the game in random order.


Each character has extra skills. To activate such skills only during assist other heroes.
Each character can create their own combat team of the mercenaries, their number depends on the level of the hero. To enhance the level of mercenaries mono with “shower”. All in the game there are seven types of mercenaries, each with their own priorities to targets. Your team may consist of: nuclei, bulls, butchers, dragons, archers, mages and warriors.

To obtain heroes, there are several ways:
Opening chests, winning in the dungeons and the League overlords.
Recruitment. You can use daily twelve free recruitments for the rest you need to pay with gems,
store-bought ring.

Assemble the puzzle of the hero.

Characters in the game cannot be deleted. Also there is the possibility of using them in the development of the other characters experience. The game also includes the ability for some heroes, the improvement of characteristics by means of rings, shower and mutagens.
Military confrontation

Combat modes Clash of Lords 2

League of lords. Here, players compete for trophies, with which, and the place in the obscheigrovuyu ranking and in Guild. Weekly between players is the distribution of awards that depend on the number of received trophies. Every day in the League overlords can be taken part in ten matches. For the opportunity to fight on, you need to pay with gems.
Resource raids. Trekking on the territory of other players or bots, whose main goal is to take away the gold reserves owned by the enemy. On damage of a player whom was committed such an attack affects the possibility of obtaining a “shield” that will protect from other such raids for some time.
Subterraneans. Consists of a series of one hundred and ten confrontations, each of them every day you can go five times. Successful completion provides the opportunity to open chests. The first hundred raids you can do in one day, brings you a reward in the form of three chests. Following hundreds of raids will bring two chests, and one hundred will bring only one trunk. After passing three hundred raids in one day to the chests anymore.
Arena. Here players fight against each other for the opportunity to improve your game rank. Reaching a new rank, you get new rewards. The highest rank in the game is a legend.


Also during the passage of the campaigns in the “ancient altar”, you can get a certain amount of magic crystals, without which the study of spells is not possible. Also magic crystals allow you to buy into the mystical store puzzles heroes. You can exchange for heroes, pre-folding puzzles in a single picture.
Guild campaign. Alternately, the participation of Guild members in boss fights. Received a reward for the victory is shared between the participants. On the amount of remuneration is affected by the damage you managed to inflict a boss.
Guild wars. Military confrontation between the guilds. Involved four players. The war lasts three days, after which all participants are rewarded with considerable prizes.


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