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Fortnite is a sandbox game in the genre of survival. The first game released by the developers of Epic Games and People Can Fly on its own engine Unreal Engine 4. Like fans of sandbox Minecraft and Unturned, as well as survival games in the style of Left 4 Dead and Sunset Overdrive.

fortnite game
fortnite game

The plot of the game is simple: global cataclysm in the form of a purple storm killed humanity and bred zombies. The player with the help of a robot named Ray gathers the survivors, and restores protection from the living dead, from time to time destroying the latter.


PvE mode in Fortnite


Here you can play with the players (in single or group mode), and shooting zombies in PvE mode. We will have to explore the territory, collect resources, build fortifications (walls, stairs, Windows, etc.). And if at the beginning of the game will have to extract resources, breaking a pick wall, road, car and everything that comes to hand, then then when the day to build a Fort at night have to defend against waves of zombies that in the Russian localization called mozglyakov.

You can build and edit buildings according to your plan, no matter how complex it is. All buildings are equipped with editing grid 3×3, so they can be put as you need it. Everything can be built and destroyed, both their buildings and strangers.



You can also craft weapons and all sorts of traps for the zombies. In the game you can pump equipment and skills of the hero.

Feature of the game-health is not restored. Only after several hours of pumping you will be able to put the platform with the healer for yourself and companions. This situation kompensiruet one zombie in the game truly brainless, the rod right through. This can and should be used.

To create a new weapon need drawings that can be obtained by completing missions.



At this point in the game, grade 4:

Constructor (builds quickly, collects resources slowly),
The ninja (master of bladed weapons and jumping in combat, good at melee),
Commando (master of ranged, a good command of firearms and rapid reload),
Collector (collects resources faster than other classes).
Over time, the number of classes should increase.

Whatever you do, fighting alone or in a team with friends, the game is worth it at least once to try to play it.


Final words

fortnite conclusion

Fortnite is very good game. By the way, if you looking for fornite hack you can find it here:

And some additional info about fornite available in Wikipedia:

Enjoy it!)