Iron Force Hack [CASH & DIAMONDS] 2018 Updated

Iron Force Hack is a great way to generate Diamonds and Cash.

iron force game hack
iron force hack

Hack description

You are standing in front of an incredible task of bringing peace to the world. Iron Force is a game that makes you a hero of the modern day.
By giving you the opportunity to drive one of many amazing tanks you will have the possibility of fighting evil.
Fortunately, you don’t have to be alone in this epic battle.
Thanks to the multiplayer mode implemented in the game, you can invite your friends to fight by your side.
Create a Legion – a powerful guild of tank drivers and combine your strengths into one, unstoppable force.
The only problem you may face is getting Diamonds and Cash.
As much as the game itself is free to play, the resources needed to improve your gear are not free at all.
And by saying that I do not mean having to play for days just to get some Diamonds.
I mean spending real, hard-earned money on the ammo, upgrades and additional items.
You might consider yourself lucky though, as there are people who took it seriously and created an Iron Force Hack to make sure nobody will have to pay for anything in the game ever again.


Iron force hack features

iron force hack instruction
iron force hack instruction
  • unlimited amounts of Diamonds to get as many premium items as you can carry
  • Cash will storm your account in enormous amounts as soon as you request it
  • extremely easy to use, even easier than an AK-47 and keep in mind Iron Force Cheats
  • user friendly graphical interface makes it an eye-candy
  • compatible with multiple platforms, including PC, Facebook, Android and iOS
  • three possible ways of connecting the device, including Bluetooth, USB and Wireless Connection
  • ban-proof system to ensure your safety from getting suspended for using Iron Force Hack

How to use hack

  1. download Iron Force Hack and save it to a place you can remember (Desktop for example)
  2. run the hack tool and wait for the splash screen to finish loading all the repos 4. click the button responsible for selecting the device and wait a few seconds so the smart recognition script can do it’s job
  3. in the new panel choose the amounts of Diamonds and Cash by typing in the numbers into the white text boxes
  4. select the protection options to ensure your safety
  5. click Start Generator and wait for the hacking process to finish
  6. restart the game and be amazed!



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Iron Force is a free multiplayer tank battle simulator for Android and iOS. The game is developed by the British company Chillingo, belonging to the Corporation Electronic Arts, and has an age limit of 12+. On Google Play Iron Force established to more than 10 million users. The project has collected over 500 thousand ratings with an average score of 4.3 out of 5. About all the delights of the game will tell this little review.

System requirements

Android 4.0.3 or higher is required to run Iron Force. The app is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS version must be 9.0 or later.


Iron Force gameplay is typical for online games of this genre and will be painfully familiar to those who played in Grand Tanks, Tanks vs Robots and other MMO action games from Extreme Developers. By registering, the player gets into the hangar.

Here you can see your tanks in the “Exhibition”, buy equipment in the “Garage” and strengthen it in the “Arsenal”. A variety of combat vehicles in the game great: there is an old and antiquated model, and more modern. Each tank has the following characteristics.


  • Attack
  • Armor
  • Rate of fire
  • Movement
  • These Iron force hack parameters can be improved by purchasing additional modules from Arsenal. The player can improve:
  • sTurret
  • Trunk
  • Armor
  • Engine
  • Tracks
  • iron force hangar


The new equipment in the game opens with increase in a rank and is bought for one of two currencies: credits or crystals. Improvements are purchased only for credits, but it takes time to install them, and the crystals allow you to speed up the process. To extract the precious stones can be performing daily military tasks, collecting the daily bonus by playing in tournaments and regular battles. Also, crystals can be obtained for increasing the levels, which are only 60, and for a huge number of different achievements.

To participate in the fighting spent fuel. It recovers itself over time or can be bought for crystals. By design, the game is strongly reminiscent of War Machines. Maps are not too detailed, but in General the graphics are quite nice.

Iron force battle

In addition battles last for a limited period of time and take place in one of two modes: team battle or fight to the death (each for himself). As in other similar games, opponents can get experience or currency. Also on the map periodically appear temporary gain, as in X Tanks and the old Tanks Online. An interesting feature is the presence of tanks on the nitro accelerator. If this is not enough to win, you can always buy camouflage and stickers that give a solid increase to the characteristics of armored vehicles.

How to play Iron Force on Android and iOS?
You can download the game to your smartphone or tablet from the following sources:

Iron Force page on Google Play;
The Iron Force page in iTunes.
Also, the developers have an official website.

How to play Iron Force on my PC?

Iron Force does not have a separate client for the PC, but you can run the application through the Android or iOS emulator using, for example, BlueStacks. Remember, however, that the emulator is almost a full – fledged platform that takes a lot of system resources, so for a comfortable game will require a powerful computer.

How to play the Iron Force cheat?

So… On the Internet, you can easily find hacked versions of the game with endless money, but most of them are unhealthy. In addition, there is a risk to get ban from the administration that detract from your gaming achievements. For this reason, I recommend to be patient and play with iron force hack.

Solutions to common problems

Iron Force crashes / does not start / does not work. Install the latest version of the official game client. The reason for departures may also be lack of RAM.
Iron Force hangs / freezes / low fps. The reason may be insufficient power of the device. Lower the graphics settings and close all background applications.
Iron Force proposes / does not listen to the tank. Logs occur due to increased ping (signal latency between the client and the server) and unstable Internet connection. Sometimes the reason may be too weak processor.


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iron force hack 2
Iron Force is a game that requires skill, dedication and plenty of cash.
If you are lacking any of those elements, you will fail in the battles against your enemies.
And you don’t want to lose, do you? Nobody remembers the person who lost a battle, at least not in a good way.
That’s why using Iron Force Cheats is the best possible option you could choose.
You can’t lose just because some other players have enough money to buy Diamonds.
Grab Iron Force Hack and generate resources faster, better and free of charge!