Monster Legends Hack [GOLD, GEMS & Food] 2018 Method

Monster Legends Hack description


Monster Legends Hack for Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food.

The game itself is so much fun to play!
You not only hunt monsters and tame them, but you can also breed them to create new, more twisted kinds of monstrous creatures.
Imagine making your own kind of monster!
After you either catch or breed those fun guys, you create monster squads and send them to battle against other squads.
This is just too incredible! So here’s the catch – sometimes you have to pay real money to get some premium items.
Because that’s what the mobile game industry has become… You have a free game for which you have to pay in the end, to enjoy all the great features.
In this particular case, the premium resource is called Gems and it can only be obtained by purchasing it in the game store.
But can it, really? This new app called Monster Legends Hack claims to give away free Gold, Gems and Food, without you having to spend any money in the store at all.
How do those Monster Legends Cheats remain undetected and more importantly, how do they really work? Let’s find out by reading the text below.

Hack features


  • Generates unlimited Gold so you can buy all the non-premium items without struggling
  • Adds huge amounts of Gems for all your premium item stash needs
  • Food will no longer be a problem so you’ll be able to keep your monsters fed and happy
  • Very modern and extremely intuitive interface makes it so easy to use your grandma wouldn’t have a problem with it
  • Monster Legends Hack Tool works with any type of device, no matter if it’s Android, iOS or even Facebook
  • Smart detection system automatically detects what kind of device you have and adjusts the settings on its own
  • It has a built-in protection system that will assure you of the safety of your account any time of the day

7 Steps How To use Monster legends Hack:

  1. Start hack tool (button below)
  2. Enter your username
  3. Specify the amounts of Gold, Gems and Food
  4. Click generate
  5. Solve captcha to complete hack. Follow instructions.
  6. After successful verification, points will be automatically credited to your account.
  7. You can use the hack once a day.  Enjoy it!


button start hack



monster legends game


Surely everyone wanted at least for a second to turn into a real wizard. Become a true magician, able to conjure and create all kinds of fairy-tale animals. Now it is possible even without a magic wand – just download Monster Legends to your computer.

Strategy or simulator?

Monster Legends-an original mix of strategy and social simulator from the developers of the popular application Dragon city.

Far away on the very edge of the earth there is a magical land with peaceful fabulous inhabitants. Suddenly idyll was destroyed by an attack of enemies, dreaming to seize the whole Kingdom and destroy the good people. The invaders almost managed to enslave everyone, but in their way was the castle of the old powerful magician, who for the sake of protection has opened a portal to a parallel world.

At this point, and the game begins – from the port there are a variety of monsters that need to grow and train to protect the Kingdom. To win, you have to travel with a squad of monsters in different locations, fighting with insidious enemies.


Each game character has a unique set of characteristics and unique appearance. Here you will find: giant rabbits, griffins, terrible cerbers, fire-breathing dragons, cute pandas, stone Golems and many other amazing creatures. Regardless of the class and type of character, each has five basic characteristics: power level, speed, health, endurance and the amount of income that it brings to you. Also, each character belongs to a certain element, which in the monster Legends for vindovs there are 7 types: thunder, magic, light, darkness, nature, fire and water elements.

In addition to the” monstrous ” battles, players will need to build buildings where future soldiers will grow and develop. An important link in the building will be an incubator-a place where eggs will hatch. The village is necessary for cultivation of a forage, and a farm – for crossing of Pets. The main level of future fighters increases due to the quantity and quality of food, so carefully take care of plantations in the village.

By the way, the process of crossing – a very interesting entertainment. If you are a “mix” of different monsters, the result can be unpredictable. Therefore, if you want to add “peppercorns” to the gameplay – choose the most inappropriate options for crossing.

Playing Monster Legends on your computer, you will encounter a turn-based combat system. It is not much different from the combat systems in similar games: you put a fighter in the arena, make your move and wait for the opponent. You can monitor your pet’s health and energy levels using the two scales at the top of the screen.

After winning the battle, you will receive a certain reward, which can be spent both to improve the village and the development of Pets.

Peculiar properties

The possibility of displays of hybrids using genetic experiments, and to educate them in new skills, creating invincible soldiers.
More than 180 varieties of unique Pets and updating the collection every week.
Epic combat battles 3*3.
Two modes: adventure and arena.
The stealing their opponents, the protection of its warehouses and the selection of opponents for combat.
The opportunity to take the lead in the standings.
In addition to the main quests available treasure hunt on a giant adventure map.
Mysterious and bright world filled with dangers, wonders and magical creatures.
Chat with friends in in-game chat.

How to run Monster Legends hack on PC

Install Monster Legends hack. To download monster Legends on your PC you need to pre-install the BlueStacks emulator. This program is specially designed to work with Android applications, adapting them to install and run on your PC.

Downloading and installing the emulator will not take long. Download the installation file to your computer, the installation process will be automatic. You will only need to specify the folder to install the program.
After the download is complete, log in to the app store with Google account.
Use the search bar to find the game installation file by typing the name of the application into the search engine. The results will appear as a list from which you can select.
Click “Install” on the desired application, then the emulator will do everything on its own.
Control of the game
The gameplay so you only need the mouse keys, replacing touchpad of the mobile device.

Monster legends hack apk

My Singing Monsters. Hack apk where you grow my dear little monsters: to take care of them, entertain, raise and train wonderful creatures. You will have to build for their Pets a variety of buildings where they can have fun and do art. Decorate the island with the most exquisite decorations and become the best educator monsters in the Universe. In My Singing Monsters will be available more than 100 creatures for every taste.
Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon. Online strategy, the main participants of which will be the majestic dragons. In the atmosphere of stunning 3D-graphics you have to create dragon clans, unite in alliances and develop the unique abilities of their winged friends. You can also modify dragons by changing the color of the skin, the size and shape of the body and the weight of other characteristics. In addition to combat skills in Dragon Sim Online: Be a Dragon available and magical part: a variety of spells for unconditional victory over enemies.
System requirements
BlueStacks Emulator. With it, the game can be installed on any version of the OS.
100 MB of free space.
Internet connection for network play.

Monster legends tool review

The developers have tried to combine the RPG and simulation of urban planning. I must say – they turned out quite well, though with the presence of a mandatory donation. Colorful and diverse characters, great fairy-tale atmosphere, freedom of action and plenty of opportunities for development – all this is definitely worth it to download Monster Legends on your computer.

Final words

Catching and creating monsters is not an easy task.
You have to buy them things they could chew on, food to feed them and all the other stuff you usually can’t afford.
Luckily for all of us casual gamers, there is Monster Legends Hack so we won’t have to spend a dollar on this game ever again!