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Cheats description

Real racing 3
Real racing 3

Take the game to the next level with Real Racing 3 Cheats by getting more resources than ever! With the application shown below you will be able to outrun your competitors and win every single race. In the world of Real Racing 3, better car means better driving. But how does one improve his car without cash? Exactly – cheating is nothing new to races and it surely helps you get advantage over the others. Remember that your skill needs a ride that can handle it, so provide yourself with a car pimped to the limit with Real Racing 3 Cheat.

Real Racing is no ordinary racing game. It includes hyper-realistic car models and incredible physics that let you experience the most realistic driving ever created on Android and iOS. Other than that, it is also packed with lots of real tracks that can be found all across the world, letting you test your skills on the roads checked by the greatest drivers on the planet. It also includes multiplayer gameplay so you can race against your friends, family or just some people you find over the internet. Now if you find someone who is really good at this game, I think you’ll know that he’s most probably using Real Racing 3 Cheats under his hood.

Cheats features

real racing-3 cheats
real racing-3 cheats
  • Unlimited amounts of Gold
  • Unlimited amounts of Money
  • Intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy to use
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4 Steps how to use  real racing 3 cheats

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  4. Solve captcha. Follow instructions.

After successful verification, gold and money will be automatically credited to your account.

Enjoy it!


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Game review

Real Racing 3 is positioned as a realistic racing simulator. I have been looking for something similar on Android, really hoped to download the simulator formula 1, but that is, that is. Since I am a fan of Motorsport, and especially closely follow the championship “Formula 1”, for racing simulators, I spent a lot of time on different platforms. Now is the time to play there is only on the road from home to work and back, so I “hooked” on Real Racing 3. The game, of course, is not all smooth, and including this will be discussed in this review.

Game description

Unlike the series Asphalt and Need for Speed, where you can participate in virtual street races, Real Racing 3 presents competitions held on the famous race tracks. The app description in Google Play is full of loud messages of the type “REAL MACHINE”, “REAL TRACKS”, “the GREAT RACE”, etc. of Course, “praises – as the go spat”… But overall, really, and tracks, and cars – all quite accurately transferred from the real world into the virtual. Yes, and by the name of the game we can assume that the emphasis is on “reality”. Real will not only cars and tracks, but also the fight between the riders, and the damage received in this fight, and departures outside the track. At a minimum, an attempt to make the application as it is described, was not to deny. Yet artificial intelligence is not yet able to replace reality, and I think, fortunately.


In the game, and it is quite familiar, there are a few worlds (or, in sports terminology is more usual to call this phenomenon the championship). In this case, the world is a set of competitions in which only certain models of cars can participate. Competitions are opened by groups in the course of passing by the player already open. To participate in the new Championships simply have at least one of the acceptable machines.
As a currency, some ” tug ” R$are used. And also at the disposal of the virtual athlete gold. In addition, of course, depending on the results of the competition the skill of the rider. And, of course, takes into account various achievements like “Dispersed to 250 km/ h”, “Participated in 100 races”, etc. However, the player benefits no from such achievements,no money, no gold…


You can buy cars for both R$ and gold, or rather some cars can be bought only for a certain amount of R$, and some-only for gold. Unfortunately, there is no course of R$ to gold… Cars can be improved, repaired, repainted – everything is like in any good racing game. However you can repaint only in a limited number of colors, and each car has its own set. But with the modernization of mending has its own nuances, but more on that later.
You can race like a guest if you’re not logged in, or under your favorite nickname if you’re logged in to your facebook account. The game starts and with an active Internet connection, and in its absence, which is actually a big plus, as often modern games can not be run in the plane, subway and other areas outside the global network for not always clear reasons (including license verification). Developers pay a lot of attention to their system time Shifted Multiplayer, when you can participate, so to speak, in a multiplayer game, the participants of which are now not on-line, but once there were, and a certain result was shown.
Statistics are kept on what percentage of the world (championship) has already passed, though the calculation of this value is exclusively for prizes. For the passage of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the championship distance the player receives bonus money and gold. Also, of course, bonuses “arrive” and for improving the skill of the player.
In General, probably all. Now let’s move on to the particulars.

Run the game

During the start of the game you can have time to do a few simple everyday things, for example, go to the toilet, drink water, switch the channel on the TV. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but I personally do not like the speed of downloading the application. Everything can be understood, using a very high-quality graphics, a lot of cars, a lot of trails, a lot of little things considered, but for me this is not the level. In the end, about the optimization the developers clearly forgot about this will be said many more. And given that the game often crashes, lost time is annoying. I, for example, in the train start the game, minimize and remove the headphones (due to the fact that they will not be needed, below it becomes clear why), and then finally appears the main screen.
Still, we note that we see at boot. First EA icon, and then you receive quite a scary face of a monkey. At the first start I even flashed the idea that I downloaded some virus, not a race. If this is some hacker smiles, and I can’t get this picture for a long time. But I didn’t…
Terrible monkey that appears when causestrauma monkey that appears when you start

Home screen

On the main screen you can find all the necessary information. The current car is in the upper left corner, in the upper right level of the pilot, between them the race of the week. On the right the column is given under management of the iron horses, there is a menu “Improvements”, “Repair”, “My cars”. Below you can connect to TSM (time Shifted Multiplayer) and see your stats. On the right about ¾ of the screen is a tile Championships. At the top of the screen on the fixed part on the left there is a shop “Buy cars”, to the right how many cars are purchased, and to the right the amount of R$ and gold. Bottom also permanently fixed on the left and the settings on the right – personal data and Inbox. The main screen can be stretched with two fingers using characteristic movements.
Overall, comfortable, but especially good here to focus only when held is not enough time for a game. For the first time it is difficult to understand, for example, where you can buy a car, what you need to do to log in, not to be a “guest”, what percentage is shown in the corner of the championship icons, etc.according to the comments in Google play, many do not understand this feature with TSM, and how to be involved in it.
Selecting application settings at the bottom of the home screen selecting application settings at the bottom of the home screen


On the one hand, here, again, all you need: sound, metric characteristics, control settings. On the other hand, it seems that you can usually see more customizable settings, at least the display. It is clear that high detail is a feature of the game, but provide for weaker settings of the screen could be. Also in the settings you could make the default camera settings, weather settings, time of day. You could pick up auto settings for each track. So to say, really add reality to what is happening. But it is not. It is a pity, it is one of notable shortcomings for “real” races.

Personal statistics

The player can see how many races he has passed, the diagram “pie chart” shows the achievements in the races (the number of first, second, third places and races without a podium). There are also sections such as “Favorite car” — a machine that participated in the largest number of races. And “Favorite brand” – here is clearly not clear what is meant, but I will assume that we are talking about the largest number of purchased cars of the same brand.


Already 7 variants of management are offered. With different combinations of taxiing, acceleration and braking. There is support for accelerometer, i.e. you can steer by turning the phone. Since I usually play on the road (subway, train, bus), I control only touches, as I’m afraid that my appearance with constant turns of the smartphone can cause people strange associations and suspicions. However even at home I don’t use the accelerometer to control, just because I think it is uncomfortable to play. Still, all the activity takes place on the screen, and then he turns, and it is difficult to keep track of what is happening on the track.
The device can also be calibrated, as well as adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel. Plus, you can configure “helpers” in management. For example, to avtostroenie automatically performed braking in the right places, or taxiing. Help works quite adequately. Of course, braking is a little more difficult to overtake in this case, it is more difficult to turn on a non-standard trajectory and benefit from it, but, so to speak, just focus on the race, without being distracted by braking points, you can.

Types of real racing cheats

For many, I think it will be strange that the game has no classic modes “Fast race” and “Online race”. About second, as already I noted, in some sense this the notion of present, only shifted in time. A simple race, just to practice out of the contest and receive extra dividends, no. You can only compete in Championships, or participate in races of the week.
Of course, most of the competitions like N cars start together, pass M laps, and then all honor the winners. In Real Racing 3 such standard races are called “Cup”. Usually N=22, sometimes 16 (when the circles are smaller). M takes values from 2 to 5 (not seen yet). Meaning: it is necessary, starting from the last place, for a specified number of laps to get to 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. To put it mildly, it’s not always trivial. In “Laguna Seca”, for example, it is necessary to start because of the last turn, which adversely affects the prospects to win a lot of places at the start.

Start of the competition

But apart from this type of competition there are others.
One-on-one. The same as the Cup, only the opponent will be exactly one. And here 2nd place as success will not be perceived. And circles will have to go through one, maybe two or maximum three.
Drag. I think here also do not need to explain. 2 cars in a straight race, but before overclocking and get to the finish line. Here the player can control only the start and shift.

Final words

In addition this application is updated every time the game changes its code. It means you will never have to worry about its effectiveness. Real Racing 3 Cheats was especially designed for people who do not have time or are not willing to spend real money or countless hours in front of the screen just to receive small amounts of premium resources. This means you can use it whenever you feel like it! Make good use of the newly obtained Gold and Money – smash your competitors by hitting the pedal to the metal!
Real Racing 3 Cheats is also a very safe tool due to the protection scripts and proxy protocol implemented in its source code. This is a guarantee of the safety of your account, meaning you will never get banned for modifying the amounts of resources.