Rules of Survival Hack [How to get Diamonds] 2018

rules of survival hack
rules of survival hack tool

How to use Rules of Survival Hack

  1. Start rules of survival hack tool (button below)
  2. Enter your username
  3. Select amount of diamonds and click generate
  4. Solve captcha

After successful verification, points will be credited automatically to your game account.


Click to open hack tool:

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Rules of Survival Hack features

  • Our hack tool supports all devices
  • Safe to your game account
  • Unlimited coins
  • You can use our hack tool once a day
  • Points credited automatically to game account
  • Regular hack updates
  • Download is not required
  • If you noticed any bugs please contact us


And what about Rules of Survival and hack tool?


The success of the game PUBG does not allow developers to sleep peacefully. And they are constantly trying if you do not exceed this “masterpiece”. Then at least create something similar and gain its audience. We have been waiting for a long time until the developers of mobile games will not start to create something like this. And here Rules of Survival came out – a very cool project for your smartphone. Here you can also fight with players from around the world and get a decent amount of fun. You ask why play this game when there is already PUBG on your computer? It’s all about the requirements-this game you can run even on average on the performance of the smartphone and get enough pleasure from it, while if you do not have a powerful computer, then survive in the virtual world you will not succeed. So let’s look at what this game can do and why it interested me, and then you will tell whether it is worth your attention or not.


In terms of gameplay, the game is no different from the” big brother”. But if you do not play H1Z1 or PUBG, then I will tell you everything in detail. Hack keys is easy to use. At first all players in number of 120 people throws on the small island where you are unloaded in game then all throws in the plane and you take off. When the plane is over the island, you have to press the jump key. And go flying to the destination point, which for themselves choose. At some point the parachute opens, you land and then begins to survive. The winner is the one who remains the last survivor. How to survive-it’s your own and then wins the strategy and tactics. You need to pick up weapons, different equipment. Cheats for weapons absolutely safe.  Items like first aid kits and try to survive as long as possible. By the way, just to sit still does not work. Because five minutes later the radius of the map is reduced. You have to run to the center of the conditional ring or you will die.

Hack strategies

rules of survival hack
rules of survival hack 2

It is worth saying that, although the victory firing is necessary, can survive without the pressing of a shot. With rules of survival hack tool much easier to win. No one prevents you run to the center of the circle of survival. Just take a cunning position there and just wait until the enemies will kill each other. Yet, this is a cheats and if you constantly shoot at someone, then there is a chance that the bullet will also fly you. In addition, it is not necessary to run for a machine gun or something in this spirit. To kill enough smartphone and if you plan to risk your life for the sake of the machine, it is worth thinking twice about it.


I will not say that from the management I got some special pleasure, it’s still a smartphone and run, change the angle of the camera, shoot, use inventory and a bunch of other keys is quite problematic. There is also a chat added with the ability to speak with voice teammates. Also seems superfluous and not quite convenient. However, if you play three or four days, then you begin to understand how everything works here and get more pleasure from a comfortable game. The developers have tried to do everything as convenient as possible and they almost got it.


rules survival hack how to
rules survival hack example

So… This game already have cheats and hack. Is a trend of this year and there is a feeling that in 2018, too. Everyone will drive rules of survival hack for coins and get positive emotions from it. So if you want to stay on the wave of popular projects, you should definitely look towards such games here. Without any doubt, the toys of this plan will be very, very much. So I advise you to be patient, it is desirable to buy a gamepad. And then you will conquer the top of the virtual world with great pleasure. I same played week in this game and can say, that as replacing computer version of well can get away. Especially if you have a powerful the rules of survival PC there version of hack.

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