Rules of survival review

rules of survival review
rules of survival review

BattleGrounds – one of the most discussed and popular games for the computer. Large-scale battle of all against all on the island, where only one survives. Players equipment, first aid kits, weapons, gear, and quite a bit of time, because a safe zone is compressed and inexorably drives the players to each other.


Millions of players and thousands of hours of streaming on Twicth. Mobile developers could not pass by such a popular phenomenon. We have already done an overview of one of PUBG’s analogs for iPhone. In today’s review we dissect Rules of Survival, another serious contender for the title of Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds on Android and iPhone.

Game rules

In Rules of Survival from the Chinese developer NetEase Games gameplay carefully copied (and the Chinese masters of cloning everything!) from the original. We jump with a parachute to the island, where up to 120 players have already landed, wanting to kill each other to stay in pleasant solitude by the end of the round. From the original gear – pants and jacket. Run to look for a weapon first aid kit, and if you’re lucky, and the car.

In Rules of Survival has a variety of techniques that allow famously roll out across the expanses of the island. Graphics in terms of graphics, Rules of Survival that on Android, that on the iPhone, looks pretty cheerful. Not the top features of modern smartphones, but the developer will not blush for anything. Another thing, the optimization of the Chinese reincarnation of mobile PUBG-even on a fairly powerful smartphone game manages to upset the owner of any Galaxy S8 annoying lag and friezes.

Some users, judging by the reviews, and even refuses to download. However, fixing bugs – a matter of technology, if the developer does not throw the grinding Rules of Survival to a decent state from a technical point of view.

And what about graphics?

In General, the graphics Rules of Survival for large-scale 3D-island with multiplayer made at a good level. However, in PUBG do not go for the beauty of graphics, and for a unique gameplay in the style of “survival”. The gameplay did the Chinese clone PlayerUnknown”s BattleGrounds to transfer unique formula game on Android and iPhone? Perhaps, not until the end of, although all elements PUBG in available. The fun spoil pretty bugs and poorly conceived game. Hang, brakes, crashes to the home screen.

All this is found in the mobile PUBG from the Chinese developer in both versions – both iPhone and Android. The first download can be a major challenge for many smartphones and their owners. Control buttons on the screen repeats the usual for any other mobile shooter scheme. No miracles are expected, but they are not needed. The gameplay Rules of Survival limps on both legs. Move around the map is not very convenient, shoot, too, occupation is quite annoying, and if you play on a smartphone, not a tablet (the size here matters!), then all actions will cause mild irritation of his clumsiness.

Comparison with PUBG

rules of survival review

However, the game quite accurately conveys the spirit of the original, the great and terrible PUBG. You are either trying to kill another player or trying to survive. Never before the process of hiding the subtile body of the character in corn was not so adrenaline in the mobile game. Then Rules of Survival competitors virtually none. Comfortably ensconced in encouraging high corn, you suddenly get shot in the head and weird jumping, go over dead at a local low-poly land. Even before he could understand whence came the lead gift. And after the death do not fall into Paradise, and on the desktop smartphone, because Rules of Survival decided to close to make the bitterness of defeat gamer even more bitter and acute. Apparently, the developers decided that” survive, so survive”, and finish the player not only gameplay, but also technically, with the help of strategically placed bugs. Yes, you will not receive any posthumous rewards in case of falling on the home screen. The verdict is it Worth to Rules of Survival time? Do I count an attempt to succeed PUBG on Android and iPhone? The toy is full of technical errors and is suitable for patient gamers with a strong nervous system. If it be the will of the gods, the bugs you see. No translation into Russian. But if the passion how you want to play PUBG on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone on Android, the alternative Rules of Survival is difficult to find. Be patient, or put the dip in survival for a few months – let the developer fix bugs.



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